This is a blog about language, about thought, and how we communicate ideas and feelings in art and in writing. It is about the translation of thought into speech or onto the page or screen. It is about the process of consuming language as the reader or hearer, which makes them part of our experience. It is to acknowledge that words can be empty or can carry a spirit, a mood and a tone, and they can resonate or fail to resonate for any number of reasons; they can change thought processes, elicit joy or sorrow, inspire change or lull into apathy. They can be a tool for the good of humankind, helping individuals to advance and uniting communities and institutions towards a higher purpose. They can also to plant seeds of hate and mistrust, or aim to excite our lower and materialistic susceptibilities.

It is about all that, but it is mostly just about words – it’s about the words we use, how we use them, and why.


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